Friday, September 17, 2010

Update & Repost: Sign-Up For LabVenture! Program

UPDATE: There are a few spots left! Please be at the Gulf Of Maine Research Institute no later than 830am, Thursday, Sept 30. You will have to allow time to fill out a permission form. We will meet in the lobby. Thanks! If you need to make a change of plans, I have to know by Wednesday evening, Sept 29, at the latest! This is very important. ~Amy

What: Lobster: Untold Tales The program is free.

About the Visit (from the site)
What to expect
Maine's 5th and 6th [ages 10-12] grade students will be immersed in a world of marine science. They will be welcomed with a dynamic presentation about the Gulf of Maine and will learn how they are connected to this biologically rich area through the larger watershed. As students take on the role of marine scientists, they will visit four interactive LabVenture! stations to explore and discover why lobsters are important to the Gulf of Maine. A "scientific conference" will summarize what they have learned by displaying student-generated data and tying this into current research. All students will leave this experience with a personal website that displays pictures and videos they created during their visit. This allows students and educators to extend the experience past GMRI and into students' homes and classrooms.

What students will learn
Maine's 5th and 6th grade [ages 10-12] students will be engaged in the scientific process as they ask questions, make observations, develop hypotheses, collect data, and draw conclusions. While exploring the importance of lobsters, students will view larval lobsters under microscopes to study life cycle and food web, handle live lobsters to gather evidence about adaptation, experience marine science research methods at GMRI's benthic tank, and consider the role of science in larger community decisions. Each of the activities at the LabVenture! stations is aligned with the Maine Learning Results and National Science Education Standards.

Where: Directions to the Gulf Of Maine Research Institute in Portland.

When: Thursday, September 30 9am-1130am

Who: kids ages 10-12. There is room for 19 unschoolers (at-home learners) in addition to the school group that will be there.

How: Please sign up by replying to this post, or emailing me at . If you have further questions for the Gulf Of Maine Research Institute about this program, please contact:

Ros Goldsbrough
Visit Administrator
Gulf of Maine Research Institute
350 Commercial St
Portland, Maine 04101
(207) 228-1650


  1. If you would like to know if your child is already on the list and need a reminder, please contact me at amybradstreet @ hotmail [dot] com

  2. HI Amy! This sounds awesome! Do you think both Ben And Jack can go? Ben is 13-a small 13 lol! If so count us in!
    Stacy Morin