Unschooling Links

Learning Tools

Freely Educate
Enchanted Learning
Vi Hart's Blog of Everything
    check out their wall maps
KinderLink, Educational Furniture,Inc
Teach With Movies
Coursera: The World's Best Courses, Online, For Free
Udacity: A Totally New Kind of Learning Experience
Khan Academy

Support, Learning, Networking

Freedom To Learn
Life Learning Magazine
Buehler Education

National Association for Gifted Children
Davidson Institute, Supporting The Profoundly Gifted
Unschooling A Gifted Child
Education Program For Gifted Youth
Prufrock Press Inc; Gifted Education, Gifted Children, Advanced Learning, and Special Needs Learners
Johns Hopkins Center For Talented Youth

Dyscalculia, Math Disability
       dyscalculia symptoms
Letter to teacher/prof regarding learning with dyscalculia
International Dyslexia Association

Synestheisa, Neuroscience for Kids
a perceptial condition of mixed sensations

50 Eye-Opening Unschooling Blogs
Unschooling Quotes

Unschooling Conferences and Camps

Florida Unschooling Conference
LIFE Is Good Unschooling Conference
Northeast Unschooling Conference
Rethinking Everything
Always Learning Live Conference
Unschoolers Waterpark Gathering
UZOMA: Black Unschoolers Conference
Summer Montreal Unschoolers Gathering (SMUG)
Toronto Unschooling Conference
Not Back To School Camp
East Tennessee Unschool Summer Camp

Worldschool Travel Tours
Unschool Adventures
Carpe Diem Study Abroad
Kroka Expeditions
Home Exchange

Alpine Adventures, NH

Art, History, Geography& Music
Smart History
History Matters
Picturing America
History In Film
Ben's Guide To U.S. Government For Kids
The Monticello Classroom
National History Day
Mr. Donn
Building Big: Exploring Large Structures
GeoBee Challenge
National Geographic
Music History Timeline
Draw Music
The Piano Student
Solar Beat
Indy Mogul,

DIY Filmmaking
National Gallery of Art for Kids
Heilbrunn Timeline of Art History

Explore & Learn- Art
Online University
 Tate Gallery, London

National Museum of Natural History
Smithsonial Education

Canadian Museum of Civilization/Musée Canadien des Civilisations

Language Arts
Ficteen--Fan Fiction For Teen
 KDL-What's Next In A Series? database
LiveMocha, Language Learning Online
Mango Languages
Grammarphobia: Grammar myths, links & fun 
Sync: YA Literature Into Your Earphones
Book Scout
The Moth
Homespun (Tutorials, various media)

Science, Mathamatics & Technology
MIT--Free Online Open Course Ware
MIT ESP--Splash!
 MIT ESP--Spark!

 iDTech Camps
 Dynamic Periodic Table Mathalicious
Living Math Math Monday, list of resources
 Math Cats' Crafts
Geometry In Architecture
Building Big: Exploring Large Structures
Science Netlinks
Mathematical Doodling

Museum of Science, Boston
Solar Beat
FXhome-Special Effects tools
Xtranormal, Text-To-Movie
Alice, Educational Software Teaching Computer Programming in 3D Environment
Human Body & Mind
Games At Sploder: Make Your Own Video Game
Scarleteen: Sex Ed For The Real World

Social Studies, Culture, Sustainability
Exchange City New England
Shareable, Sharing By Design
Natural Life Magazine
The Choices Program:Brown University's Watson Institute for International Studies
Scarleteen: Sex Ed For The Real World

Learn While Laughing
Hyperbole and a Half and well, just because this is HILARIOUS.
The Oatmeal  and this and this.