Wednesday, October 13, 2010

Third Annual Grave Rubbing @ Evergreen Cemetery, Oct 25

Join us for our third annual grave rubbing get together at the Evergreen Cemetery in Portland on October 25th @ 1pm! All ages!

Evergreen Cemetery is located at 672 Stevens Ave. If you haven't been, it is a beautiful place to spend the day this time of year! We will meet at the duck ponds, at the far end if the cemetery. There are trails through the woods, great frog catching ponds, and some great hills to go "summer sledding", (sliding down the hill on pieces of cardboard).

If you want to participate in the rubbing, please bring paper (thin paper such as large newsprint works the best), crayons, pastels, or charcoal, and some masking or painter's tape. I'll provide a spray fixative to prevent prints from smudging. And PLEASE come prepared to help your child if needed! Some of the stones are very old, and VERY heavy! We must be very careful to make sure we are using sturdy stones, and to not get any crayon, or other medium on the stones. We also must be diligent to clean up after ourselves.

This is a fun event, and a lot of families usually join in! Please join us!

~hosted by Monica

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