Thursday, June 17, 2010

In Search Of Maine Unschoolers

Welcome to Maine Unschooling Network.  My goal in starting this blog serves several purposes:  to give the Maine Unschooling Network's Facebook group a web home,  to provide a place for community and calendar of events,  support and discussion, and to provide a platform to those who would like to share their perspectives on unschooling in Maine, who may not otherwise do so in a public forum.  If you are interested in submitting work for this blog, please email me at  Eventually I would like to have an author bank, a group of regular writers and photographers, with attached bios and contact information.  This blog is welcoming and supportive of unschoolers of all ages, so child and teen writers, parents, grown unschoolers, parents of grown unschoolers, newbie unschoolers, family, unschooling allies--please consider submitting to this blog.    Many thanks, and happy unschooling, Maine!

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